Fine Art Paintings by John Wysocki, Hyper realist artist

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Artist, Illustrator, Creative Designer, Hand letterer, Sign Painter, Muralist, John Wysocki, logos.


John's happy childhood in NW Detroit, in the 50's and 60's , was the beginning of a lifelong appreciation of all things beautiful.  His inherent ability to render those things on paper with great accuracy was manifested at this early age. 

 He later honed those talents at Cass Technical High School in downtown Detroit, where he was introduced to various visual disciplines.  In 1972, John went into business for himself, beautifying  cars, boats and motorcycles. 

 In May of 1980, John and his wife moved west to California where he quickly took on a new career in the sign industry.  In the next seven years, John's artistry was evident in the area around San Diego. He  worked  full time in the sign business,  created graphic designs after hours,  helped in  raising their three children,  and made the time to  attend and graduate  from the La Jolla Academy of Advertising Art as Valedictorian of his class.

 Inspired by a program on the Disney Channel in 1987, John was motivated to seek a job at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  He packed up his wife and three children and moved to the Sunshine State.

 In November of 1987, he started his long tenure with  the Walt Disney Company. You can see John's work even today at all four Walt Disney World Parks. It may be a  hand painted sign,  a Main street vehicle,   gold leaf   windows or carousel horses.  You might have even seen him on one of two  special  TV reports, painting the carousel horses.

 Even though John has used his artistic ability  through the years at Disney, he also contracted for murals and  custom signage  in the metro Orlando area.  It wasn't until 2006 that he committed his vision to canvas.  Since then he has exhibited his paintings in art festivals and galleries and produced art on a commission basis for collectors and restaurant owners.

Oil Acrylic watercolor ink pencil  Trompe l'oeil Portraits animals landscapes figures still life


Not confined to one medium, John has successfully rendered his subjects in oil and acrylics, pencil and ink. 

beautiful women nature mountains,hunting fish sailing cars  waterfalls  wildlife sportsmen athletes


Beauty comes in many forms and John forever seeks it out in nature and all of creation.  He loves to travel and capture this beauty on his  camera  to  reproduce a painting on canvas or other surface.